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  • Текст песни Adriana Figueroa - ASGORE

    Исполнитель: Adriana Figueroa
    Название песни: ASGORE
    Дата добавления: 13.02.2018 | 19:15:04
    Просмотров: 5
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    Come now, child – don’t give me that frown
    It's no use, I won't be talked down
    Your determination is strong
    Now fight! Stand your ground!

    My desire for mankind’s demise
    Filled them with the strength to survive
    Hopes and dreams my kin would fulfill
    Were inspired by lies

    I’m just a broken shell of what I was
    A coward hiding from the truth

    The voices in my head
    Tell me “run away!”
    But I must lead my kin
    Lest, they go astray

    I cannot even look you in the eyes, but...
    You realize that this is fate
    There is no turning back
    Yet even still, I dither to attack
    The whole kingdom’s pinned their hopes and dreams on me

    Am I a sage or a murderer?
    Tainted with the souls of your kind
    Human, don’t give up – the time is now
    Your determination will set you free

    This is the end
    Will you fight or defend?
    Could I still make amends?
    Am I fit to be called...
    The King of the Mountain
    The Grand Spear of Justice
    The Savior of Monsters


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