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  • Текст песни Bryan John Appleby - Honey Jars

    Исполнитель: Bryan John Appleby
    Название песни: Honey Jars
    Дата добавления: 13.01.2018 | 01:15:09
    Просмотров: 19
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    I pick up a broken comb
    Run it through my thin grey hair
    Though I don’t have any plans tonight
    I’m not going anywhere
    Well, I should’ve seen this coming
    Don’t know why I’m surprised
    Every vessel on its way down
    Takes with it the captain’s life

    Though I’m blind, my dear, I see
    The parade goes on without me
    My body aches, my mind, it weeps
    For you, for you

    Tonight I’m locked outside my building
    Guess I must have lost the keys
    So I’ll sit here on the sidewalk
    Let the snow fall on my knees
    And if I made it to a payphone
    I don’t know who I would call
    So for now I close my eyes and rest
    My crooked back against the wall

    I read that old men will see visions
    Young men will follow dreams
    I believed it when I read it
    I see your face in everything
    Now your honey jars are frozen
    In the window your books have browned
    And there’s too much room inside our bed
    I think I’ll join you in the ground

    Though I’m blind, my dear, I see
    Let the chorus sing without me
    My body breaks, my mind it sleeps
    With you


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