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  • Текст песни Charles Bukowski - the proud, thin, dying

    Исполнитель: Charles Bukowski
    Название песни: the proud, thin, dying
    Дата добавления: 20.07.2018 | 01:15:25
    Просмотров: 3
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    На этой странице находится текст песни Charles Bukowski - the proud, thin, dying, а также перевод песни и видео или клип.

    С этой песней обычно слушают:

    I see old people on pensions in the
    supermarkets and they are thin and they are
    proud and they are dying
    they are starving on their feet and saying
    nothing. long ago, among other lies,
    they were taught that silence was
    bravery. now, having worked a lifetime,
    inflation has trapped them. they look around
    steal a grape
    chew on it. finally they make a tiny purchase, a day’s worth.
    another lie they were taught:
    thou shalt not steal.
    they’d rather starve than steal
    (one grape won’t save them)
    and in tiny rooms
    while reading the market ads
    they’ll starve
    they’ll die without a sound
    pulled out of rooming houses
    by young blond boys with long hair
    who’ll slide them in
    and pull away from the curb, these
    handsome of eye
    thinking of Vegas and pussy and
    it’s the order of things: each ones
    gets a taste of honey
    then the knife.


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