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  • Текст песни E-Rotic - Baby I Miss You

    Исполнитель: E-Rotic
    Название песни: Baby I Miss You
    Дата добавления: 15.11.2018 | 20:15:44
    Просмотров: 1
    0 чел. считают текст песни верным
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    Кто круче?

    You were always beside me
    Every day and night
    And your love was so healing
    When I have to let go now
    I will stay and fight
    I won't give up this feeling

    Maybe it's because I'm still in love with you
    You are always on my mind
    Can't forget the nights we had together
    I wish I could turn back time

    You took my heart onto the highest mountain
    You took my soul and we could dive into the deepest fountain
    But now I feel my life will never be the same
    Now that you're gone
    I don't know what went wrong
    Oh baby I miss you
    I can't live without you no no
    Don't break my heart don't leave me
    Standing all alone here in the rain feeling all the pain
    Baby I miss you

    When I want to be near you
    I just close my eyes
    Use my imagination
    Then your love is so tender
    Memories are strong
    I can feel your temptation

    Maybe it's because I can't forget you
    You are still a part of me
    I know my heart will never ever stop bleeding
    I wish I could set you free


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