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  • Текст песни elllo - 1234 Ecuadorian Food

    Исполнитель: elllo
    Название песни: 1234 Ecuadorian Food
    Дата добавления: 22.07.2018 | 18:15:30
    Просмотров: 1
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    Katia: Hello Felipe, how are you?

    Felipe: Fine thank you and you?

    Katia: Good, good. Listen, I heard that you know a lot about Ecuadorean food. Can you tell me a little bit about it? What is your favorite or what is it that you don't like? Can you just enlighten me a little bit?

    Felipe: Well, in Ecuador, well pretty much all the food in Ecuador is delicious. For example, we have frita which is some fried meat, pork meat, and also potatoes and corn because I love corn and we have also many different kinds of fruits and we make juices and many different kind of desserts with these fruits. There's also some typical dish called ceviche. Ceviche is a coastal traditional food and it's made out of shrimps and lemon and tomato. I think it's quite unique and nowhere else in the world you can find something like that. It's quite delicious. And there's also a really spicy food so maybe that's the kind of food that I don't like too much because it's too spicy and it makes you sweat.

    Katia: It sounds actually very exotic. What about staple food in Ecuador? What is it, the staple food? For example in Mexico we have tortilla. What about Ecuador, what is the most common food?

    Felipe: Well, yeah, in Ecuador we also have tortillas but they have different names. For example we have arepas which are made of corn also so the staple food in Ecuador is similar to Mexico and Colombia also because it's made, it's composed of corn and potatoes and mainly people in Ecuador they love potatoes and corn and especially corn because there are many different kinds of corn so they can make many different kinds of soups and also a kind of a bread made of corn and cookies and so on.

    Katia: Hmm, it really sounds delicious. Now I'm very curious to try it but thank you for enlightening me about Ecuadorean food.

    Felipe: Oh, you're welcome. Have a nice trip.

    Katia: Thank you.


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