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  • Текст песни Gotye - Noir Excursion

    Исполнитель: Gotye
    Название песни: Noir Excursion
    Дата добавления: 18.10.2018 | 04:15:17
    Просмотров: 1
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    A handsome stranger
    Gave me a ride
    He had a suitcase full of lies
    That he sold me

    I sensed no danger
    When I was there right by his side
    He said I compelled him to confide
    So he told me

    Take this car
    And drive downstate
    Then take off the licence plates
    And wait for me

    I could have argued
    But he said for my trouble I could keep
    Half the money in the bag on the back seat
    At least, that's what he told me

    And he said he thought I looked trustworthy
    And I must admit that the thrill of it all got the better of me
    So I drove down the highway with great speed
    Until they resounded behind me

    Sirens! The police

    They pull me over to the side of the road
    And tell me that the car was stolen, that's why I was followed
    I try to tell them I was only doing what I was told
    But no, they won't listen to me

    They cuff my hands and say
    'Now girl, the money, where did you hide it?'
    Then I know without even checking the bag
    That there's no money inside it
    But when they read my rights
    I know that it's no use
    Saying, 'I'm not lying'
    No, please let me go
    Please listen to me
    I am not guilty
    A handsome stranger tricked me
    Why did he have to hand-pick me?

    He told me to take this car
    And drive downstate
    Then to take off the licence plates
    And wait there for him

    But of course they don't believe me
    So from there they drive me back to the station
    And after I've been booked they began a three-day interrogation
    I barely ate, I only slept an hour
    But somehow I stayed patient and calm
    They did me no harm

    But the bag was the key to this mystery
    He bought it the very same day that he
    Robbed that bank upstate and then picked me
    To be his fall guy patsy

    Five years later
    When I'd almost forgotten that nightmarish day
    I was struck by the handsome features of a stranger across the way
    As he got out of a car, with a girl behind the wheel, and I heard him say

    Take this car
    And drive downstate
    Then take off the licence plates
    And wait for me


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