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  • Текст песни Highly Suspect - Bloodfeather

    Исполнитель: Highly Suspect
    Название песни: Bloodfeather
    Дата добавления: 20.11.2017 | 11:15:03
    Просмотров: 11
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    A Georgia rain just kissed my lips
    I live, I live for moments like this
    Steady the rein, girl
    I know you won't miss
    I wish that you would aim for the blood of my heart, yeah

    And you know what you're doing
    You know that it hurts
    The worst, but I stand through the pain of it all
    I'll follow you down to the edge of this earth, earth, earth

    In the name of love, I'll follow you
    You fit me like a glove when I'm inside of you
    And if my body's dead and cold, I'd die for you
    In the name of love, I'll kill for

    I'll kill for you

    Your eyes, they could cut through diamonds and steel
    For real, they're sharper than the blade in your hand
    They tell me you're strong, but they don't tell me what you feel
    I feel there's something that you want me to hear
    It's coming in loud and clear
    You know what you want, what you want, what you want


    Sticks and stones break my bones
    But bullet holes, you know they can't hurt me
    Invincible, unbreakable, unstoppable
    I'll show you who's worthy
    You grab the gun, I'll take the wheel
    Fuck the world, my love is real
    Fuck the world, my love is real
    Fuck the world, this love is real

    Shit's real, I need you to aim straight for my heart
    And if you're gonna miss then hit my head and leave a permanent scar
    You're fatal but I love who you are
    Be my death or my forever
    You're my little bloodfeather


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