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  • Текст песни Ministry - Life Is Good

    Исполнитель: Ministry
    Название песни: Life Is Good
    Дата добавления: 21.02.2018 | 05:15:06
    Просмотров: 3
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    Кто круче?

    What do you say to the ones you love
    About the shit you've seen?
    Third time back from the war in Iraq
    A never ending dream
    Bodies & limbs scattered all over town
    It's all I ever see
    Come back home to the same ol' shit
    There's nothing here for me

    Life is good!

    What do you say to the best of friends
    When they ask what it's like?
    I tell them I kill everything that moves
    Within my rifle site
    I look into the eyes of my unborn child
    And I tell you what I see
    The same damn eyes as a day old corpse
    On a highway full of IEDs

    Life is good!

    What do you say to the guy on the street
    Who wants to shake your hand
    I'd rather take him down then talk to him later
    You wouldn't understand
    I didn't ever really wanna be this way
    But this is what I've become
    Can't wait to see my unit again
    To live and die by the gun

    Life is good


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