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  • Текст песни Roscoe Holcomb - The Hills Of Mexico

    Исполнитель: Roscoe Holcomb
    Название песни: The Hills Of Mexico
    Дата добавления: 11.01.2019 | 18:15:32
    Просмотров: 2
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    Кто круче?

    When I's in old Fort Worth in eighteen and eighty-three
    Saw a Mexican cowboy come ridin' up to me
    Sayin' how are you, young fellow, how would you like to go
    And spend another summer in the hills of Mexico?

    Well, I had no appointment back to him I did say
    It's accordin' to your wages, accordin' to your pay
    I will pay to you good wages and often, too, you know
    If you'll spend another season in the hills of Mexico

    Now with all this flatterin' talkin' he signed up quite a train
    Some ten or twelve in number, some able bodied men
    And our trip it was pleasant as we hit the western road
    Till we crossed the old Peace River to those hills of Mexico

    It was there our pleasures ended and our troubles all begun
    Was a lightening storm that hit us and made the cattle run
    And we all got full of stickers from the cactus that did grow
    And the outlaws there to rob us in those hills of Mexico

    Well, they sent along that old steamboat and back to home did go
    How those bells started ringing, the whistles they did blow
    Going back to friends and loves ones and I'll tell them not to go
    To that God-forsaken country in those hills of Mexico.

    (Bruce Hornby)


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