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  • Текст песни The Aquabats - Theme Song

    Исполнитель: The Aquabats
    Название песни: Theme Song
    Дата добавления: 17.01.2018 | 02:15:05
    Просмотров: 3
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    We came from an island In the sand and the sun Hidden away from the world Is that home of fun We surfed all day And ate food all night When there was no more food Eating sand was alright

    But then one dark day out of the sky Space Monster "M" and friends Invaded our world We had to escape But we vowed to return again First we'd conquer the world And then we'd return again

    We floated across the ocean in a hollowed out log From the blue beaches to the land of smog We washed up on the beach The Professor took us in And that's when the experiments begin He gave us super powers from chemicals Then he gave us instruments So we could rock and roll

    Now we're here to fight To make our foes our friends To take your money and go home again

    Come fight along We're the Aquabats We're super guys We're the Aquabats Join in our journey to battle our foes. Watch us every week On our TV show. The wacky wacky world Of the Aquabats. We're zippy zippy dudes We're the Aquabats We're the Aquabats And that's that So watch us every week We're the Aquabats!


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