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  • Текст песни The Devil's Blood - Christ or Cocaine

    Исполнитель: The Devil's Blood
    Название песни: Christ or Cocaine
    Дата добавления: 24.11.2017 | 01:16:23
    Просмотров: 2
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    Hedonistic fire in the dead of night
    I gave my soul away
    I've been stripped of all but lust
    And I've seen Hell today
    It had a toilet seat and a lock on the door
    and it made me feel okay
    I know they had it in for me but I love their sweet decay

    I see a tunnel at the end of the light
    And it's driving me insane
    Just tell me If I'm wrong or I'm right
    And if it's Christ or cocaine

    The lies we tell to secure our fate
    Are never far behind us
    The things we say and the things we do
    Will in the end blind us

    Do you think you're a sinner or a saint?
    Do you even think you could see?
    Or would you rather step into my Church
    And go to Hell with me


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