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  • Текст песни Extreme Music - Iron And Gold

    Исполнитель: Extreme Music
    Название песни: Iron And Gold
    Дата добавления: 22.09.2018 | 07:15:34
    Просмотров: 6
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    Somethin isn’t right
    Just blind leading the blind
    We fall & think we fly
    But nobody is on the ground to catch us
    No one will catch us

    Something isn’t right
    When love is suicide
    Cause we would rather die
    Than spend a night without a wall around us
    Just walls around us

    Hey Ho
    Raise up your hands and pray
    Hey Ho
    This ends today

    Here we go
    Whoa oh
    High and the low
    Whoa oh
    Toxic and bold
    Whoa oh
    Like iron and gold
    Whoa oh
    Iron and Gold
    Iron and Gold

    Something isn’t right
    No one’s on your side
    And there’s no place to hide
    You know that the past is right behind you
    It’s gonna catch you

    Something isn’t right
    Cause we just shined a light
    On all the sin you hide
    Your darkness doesn’t understand the truth
    That shines on you

    Hey Ho
    Raise up your hands and pray
    Hey Ho
    Cause you end today


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