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  • Текст песни Mercedes Lackey - Creature of the Wood

    Исполнитель: Mercedes Lackey
    Название песни: Creature of the Wood
    Дата добавления: 15.02.2018 | 00:15:07
    Просмотров: 2
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    I am a creature of the wood,
    forsaken in my solitude
    My song is pleasure and is pain,
    my song can drive a man insane
    So come with me, my pipes I'll play,
    and we will dance 'till break of day
    I shall be thy lover

    I've been alive since time began,
    not beast, not god, and yet not man
    I am the music and the dance,
    I am the piper who enchants
    So loose all ties to mortal kind,
    my pipes shall play within thy mind
    I shall be thy lover

    Come unto me my beauteous maid,
    I'll lead thee to the hidden glade
    Thou shalt be happy and be free,
    when I play, thou wilt dance for me
    We'll feast on fruit fresh from the vine,
    and I will sample the fruit of thine
    I shall be thy lover

    Sweet love I'll make for thee alone,
    and show thee sights before unknown
    I'll be thy master and thy friend,
    for I'm the gold at rainbow's end
    I am the beast within all men,
    I am the rhyme past mortal ken
    I shall be thy lover

    I've played my pipes before man's dawn,
    seen maidens ripe, turn pale and wan
    Taught man the art of song and dance,
    yet had to part from mortal clans
    I must return to silent dells,
    no fire burns, and nature dwells
    So take thy rest within the shade,
    and as the evening hours fade
    I'll take thee deeper in the glade,
    my cloven hooves through heather wade
    I'll teach thee things man has forbade,
    our souls entwined and unafraid
    I shall be thy lover



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