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  • Текст песни NASA - Money

    Исполнитель: NASA
    Название песни: Money
    Дата добавления: 20.01.2018 | 04:16:03
    Просмотров: 2
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    Кто круче?

    Man say the love have money (come on)
    so no matter what dem say,
    it's the order of the DJ!

    Adam said "Eve, now listen to me.
    Anything you want you can have.
    So be a good girl, and let's make a deal.
    Swimming pool and four car garage.
    The world is your friend.
    The door's opening.
    Anything you want that you need.
    Whoever you need, they're acting so sweet.
    Money changes everything.!"

    Money! Money, money, money, money, money, money
    Money is the root of all evil!

    De one dollar bill dat a George washington
    Two dollar dat a Thomas Jefferson
    Five dollar bill a Abraham Lincoln
    Ten dollar bill a Andrew Jackson
    Twenty dollar bill a Alexander Hamilton
    Big like giant or yah small like dwarf
    Small like dwarf or yah big like giant
    Fifty dollar bill, say dat a Ulyses Grant
    Hundred dollar bill a Benjamin Franklin
    Out pon de street there is a lot of killing
    Fighting, fussing, blood is spilling
    All over the world, man they are grilling
    Out pon de street me have fi watch fi me head
    In a me pocket and I don't got no bread
    Buss up de copper and dem buss up de lead
    Each and every day dem find another man dead.

    Money! Money, money, money, money, money, money
    Money is the root of all evil!

    I smell the smell going around.
    I'm getting pounded in the ground.
    With this funny money still cycling around.
    [ NASA Lyrics are found on www.songlyrics.com ]
    You know the Euro, kicking Uncle Sam in the who know
    You know, deniro, the root of all evil.
    Yeah I know you can't stand it,
    Being broker than the Ten Commandments,
    And the broker ain't planned this.
    Now they talkin' the Amero damn it.
    When it come down to it,
    Some can see right through it.

    Chuck D, sorry that drink's not on me.
    You can stick to it, just don't flip to it.
    For the sake of money, superstar cars, you see hi-def on somebody's
    plasma TV.
    Who go from rags to riches and spend their riches on rags,
    similar bags with designer name tags.
    Be glad you got yourself cause they mad.
    They fake, plus they making mad mistakes!
    (they tell you your wise,)
    You wait and see you can't replace that space.
    And I bet money can't keep that smile on your face!

    Everybody's nice to you now. (Money!)
    Dollars and sense,(You mad at the money that you spent. uh!)
    It's fun to do but is it allowed?(sing)
    Poor girl in a house of correction.
    You're sexy as hell but it won't pay the bills forever.
    Bright lights and no information.
    Your feet hit the ground, when you lost what you found.

    Money! Money, money, money, money, money, money
    Money is the root of all evil!

    Stay on top!
    Make sure you make it,
    Make sure that it don't make you!
    That goes back old school as far as you can go back.
    That's right, you make the money,
    Make sure the money don't make you.
    Be about something!


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