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  • Текст песни Ombladon - noapte buna ft guesswho

    Исполнитель: Ombladon
    Название песни: noapte buna ft guesswho
    Дата добавления: 22.05.2014 | 15:18:13
    Просмотров: 30
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    Кто круче?

    Tu nu vezi, daca inchizi ochii te pierzi
    Totul se schimba-n jurul tau pana apuci sa te-asezi
    Si vezi, ca prin viata asta doar o data treci
    Deci pe unde mergi profita pana pleci (x2)

    Oameni saraci ce-au incetat sa spere
    Gropi in asfalt, blocuri intregi de garsoniere
    Totu-i de (???) ciudat care te ineaca incet
    Mai coloreaza decorul bagabontii din colt
    In rest gratii la geam, bodegi jegoase si baruri
    Tarfe jucate si pierdute la zaruri
    Miroase-a saracie si foame in continuare
    Pustanii isi baga-n vene bine-ascunsi dupa betoane
    E un lux sa ai unde sa stai si-o stii
    Multe familii sarace toarna copii ca prostii
    Si continua goana dupa lei
    Batrani pagani tarasc sticla de rom spurcat dupa ei
    Ei sunt cei ce vor sa-ncerce, amarul sa inece
    Timpul le trece, fireste , te lasa rece
    Tramvaiele jegoase se retrag in noapte
    Deci luminile s-au stins...Noapte Buna Bucuresti!

    Refren (x2)

    In colturi de blocuri: drogati, seringi, gunoaie
    Copii jegosi, batrani uzati de timp, s-aprind lumini...bling-bling
    Surprind copii cersind
    Masini furate care se dau la preturi de nimic
    E ca in ring, tre' sa stai in garda,
    Garda-i gata sa te arda
    E caz de targa daca te toarna cu iarba
    E oarba justitia, e oarba politia,
    E oarba orice privire ce nu vrea sa vada ca in graba
    In Bucuresti totul dispare (Cum oare?)
    Atentie la buzunare si la alarma din parcare
    Blocurile murdare azi sunt singura scapare
    Sa nu sfarsesti in strada calcat de altii in picioare
    Sunt cartiere intregi din care nu mai poti sa iesi
    Cand pleci esti in p##a goala, cu banii luati si ochii reci
    Deci, ai grija unde mergi, sa te feresti
    Micul Paris s-a stins...Noapte Buna Bucuresti!

    Refren (x4)

    Tu nu vezi...
    Tu nu vezi...
    Do not you see , if you close your eyes you lose
     Everything is changing around you to grab - n - sit you
     And see , as through this life only once pass
     So where you're going to go make ( x2 )

     Poor people who have ceased to hope
     Potholes in asphalt , whole blocks of flats
     Everything from ( ? ? ? ) Strange choking you slowly
     May stain bagabontii corner decoration
     Otherwise bars on the windows , dirty pubs and bars
     Whores played and lost at dice
     Smell of poverty and hunger still
     Runts their veins stick-n well- hidden by concrete
     It's a luxury to have a place to stay and a know
     Many poor families as children pour crap
     And continuous rush lei
     Old bottle of rum crawl pagans defiled by them
     They are those who want to try and bitter to drown
     Time will pass , of course , leaves you cold
     Trams dirty retire at night
     So the lights went out ... good night Bucharest !

     Chorus ( x2 )

     In the corners of blocks : drug, syringes, garbage
     Children grungy , old spent time there ... bling - bling lights illuminate
     Capture children begging
     Stolen cars that give prices for nothing
     It's in the ring , you gotta stay on guard ,
     Garda 's ready to burn
     It stretcher case if you pour the grass
     It's blind justice , is blind police
     It latches any look that does not want to see that in a hurry
     In Bucharest it disappears ( How is that? )
     Caution alarm pockets and parking
     Dirty blocks today are the only escape
     Do not end up in the street standing ironing others
     There are entire neighborhoods in which you can not get out
     When you leave the p # # the empty cold eyes take money
     So be careful where you go, beware
     Little Paris quenched Bucharest ... good night !

     Chorus ( x4 )

     You do not see ...
     You do not see ...


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